She Wants You to Approach Her

by James Smith

I would like to share a great confidence booster tip from my own experience of life and women.

Out of all the women that I ever dated or picked up, they all told me that either shortly before or right at the time when I approached them, they had already decided that they wanted to talk to me and would be receptive to my overtures. They were just too scared to approach me first for the fear of being rejected by me, so they did nothing but hoped that I would talk to them or ask them out.

This indicates to me that a woman very quickly decides your place in her life. If she is interested, then she will be receptive to your approach. Do not waste any time by waiting. Go for her number and a date right away for she will respond quickly.

If she is not interested, she will also let you know and you can quickly move on to your next target without wasting time and effort.

You always want to be exploring the extent of her attraction for you by making moves on her to see how she responds. Most women are not likely to let you know of their attraction to you first for the great fear of rejection that most of them have. If they are attracted to you they will reveal it to you by responding to your advances.

The most important thing to remember is test her levels of attraction by making moves, but make sure that you always leave her with a way out so as not to make her feel cornered or pressured. Hope this helps.