Why You Want to Have As Many Female Friends As Possible

by Allen Thompson

Make as many women "friends" as you possibly can. The more the better.

It doesn't matter if you find these women attractive or not. And oftentimes it's better if you don't. You simply want to focus on creating an environment conducive to attracting women. And having women around you will create just such an environment.

For one thing, some of these women may become attracted to you. And you may become attracted to them.

Secondly, simply being "seen" with women will do wonders for your image... and lead other women to wonder just what's so special about you that you are surrounded by so many women all the time.

And third, your female friends will often have hot friends (scorching might be a better word) that they feel you'd be perfect for, and they'll want to set you up.

In addition, you want to do some training. If your goal is to be good with women, you need to "train" with women.

Simply hanging around with women will increase your level of confidence in your interactions with them as you begin to see them less as an enigma and more as human beings. And, of course, you can practice and master many of the Don Juan techniques you've read about on this site (such as your conversational skills) so that when the woman of your dreams does come along you'll be ready.

Allen Thompson
Copyright © 1999