Meeting Women In Clubs: Do You Have a Light?

by Arabitalia

Every time I go to a nightclub I am always asked... "Do you have a light?"

It has occurred to me that women ask more than once in the same night, or different women will ask me this same question, or their friends too.

Just the other night, I asked a good woman friend of mine why I am always asked this question. She said it is a great ice breaker question and since most women that do smoke feel more at ease, they like it if a man lights them up and smokes with them too.

Now I carry a lighter with me to clubs all the time. Sometimes I carry with me a sterling silver ashtray for high-class elegant clubs, and cigs too. Just to show we have something in common.

And if you do not smoke all the time it can be explained that it is something done casually/occasionally....

It's truly been a great way to meet women.

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The Candy Necklace

by Anonymous

Next time you are at a nightclub or a dance wear a candy necklace. The girls love it.

You can even use it as a excuse to approach girls. Just ask them if they want a bite.

There is one problem to this idea though. If you sweat, the necklace will get all soggy. But other than that, it is a great way to get a girl's attention.