How You Can Impress Any Woman

by Mr. Zip

I had an unbelievable experience.

I took a new girl out to eat. I talked with her, using some of the techniques on this site. I touched her knees with my knees. I looked into her eyes. I tilted my head slightly when she spoke to me. I leaned forward toward her when speaking.

But the real trick, I believe, was not the way I dealt with her, but the way I dealt with the restaurant employees.

I asked the waitress for her suggestions. I asked about the food and what the secret of its excellent taste was. I greeted the busboy and engaged him in some light conversation. On the way I out, I grabbed my date's hand and walked right into the kitchen and praised the cook for the great meal.

Outside the restaurant, while waiting for a cab, she held both my hands and said, "You are a gracious person. You treat everyone, even strangers, so well."

I responded, "You should see how well I treat people I know."

She said, "I want to be one of those people."

Although it was not my intent, she invited me home with her and a passionate evening... all because of how I treated others.


When You Get Rejected

by Supply Guy 3000

Make no bones about it . . . Rejection Hurts!

And like you would keep a first aid kit handy to nurse yourself when you are hurting physically, the same helps when you are hurting emotionally after the object of your desire shoots you down.

This first aid kit for your ego should fit somewhere that will enable you to take it out whenever you need it. It should consist of any item that gives you instant reassurance that you are not a loser even though one particular girl is not interested.

Items such as a photo of a pretty girl that likes you, or a card with the number of the last girl you slept with, or maybe a bank statement that has your checking account balance on it. Basically, any little token that signifies a past success.

Keep these items in a small pouch or in your wallet, and whenever you need a quick confidence boost, take them out and peruse them as a reminder that just because this girl rejects you, it's her loss.