Do This to Be What Ladies Respect and Men Envy

by Sam Spade

Those of you who are avid baseball fans, students of law, or both, are probably familiar with the name Kennesaw Mountain Landis. He was baseball's first commissioner, and before that a federal judge.

However, long before those pursuits, he was an amateur athlete, and the sport he excelled at was bicycle riding.

Landis was not the fastest or the strongest bike racer, but he more than compensated for his average athletic ability with psychology.

On one occasion, before a big race in a strange town, Landis purchased twenty medals and pinned them to his racing uniform. He arrived at the race already looking like a repeat champion, and so completely intimidated his rivals that he won the race.

You might not be the strongest, or the slimmest, or the best-looking gentleman in any given situation, at any given moment. But if you enter a room with the attitude that you are the best, you will be treated as such.

This neither means pinning medals to your clothes nor being condescending to others. It simply means conveying the attitude of a noble and successful winner.

And that, my brothers, is what the ladies will respect and the men will envy.