The Biggest Reason You're Not Getting More Phone Numbers From Women

by Jim

Boy Scouts know that the motto "Be Prepared" is an important one, and Don Juans should know that also.

Think back through the years about some of the gals that have started conversations with you, the way it took you by surprise, and how you wished you could have said a lot more things once you had time to digest the conversation.

What the gals were most often doing was hitting on you, but it may have been so subtle you didn't know it at the time.

As a DJ, you know how difficult and awkward it can be sometimes to hit on a babe in your presence. Well, it is just as difficult for the gals to begin a conversation with a guy she would like to get to know. This is where your "Be Prepared" motto will assist you.

From now on, get it in your mind that EVERY gal that begins a conversation with you is interested in getting to know you — that is why she began the conversation in the first place. Get the thought in your mind that, "hey this babe approached me, she likes my looks, and wants to get to know me."

And, for heavens sake, be prepared to swing into action with at least five or six good smooth questions that toss the subject back to her as a person, to keep her talking. And, of course, the most important one of all is for that phone number or a never fail way to contact her in the next few days.

Be prepared for nothing less. The more you practice it, the easier it becomes.

I stumbled on the concept years ago when I was right out of the service. I took a week to relax and vacation at Daytona Beach, Florida. Like a lot of tourists, I had bought some of the snazzy tee shirts that had the Daytona Beach logo on them.

When I would wear one of the shirts to a college hot spot back home here in Ohio, I would have gals approach me and begin a conversation WITH ME about Florida. They hadn't necessarily been to Daytona Beach, often times they wanted to talk about Ft. Lauderdale or Tampa or St. Petersburg. The important thing was that they initiated the conversation with me, which showed they welcomed my conversation, which boosted my confidence immensely, because there was no fear of rejection on my part.

The next important thing is that the subject matter of Florida led to so many things to talk about! They were excited to tell me all about where they went, why they went, how many times they went, are they going back, etc. The entire subject matter was one of pleasant memories they loved to relive. It was so easy to keep the conversation flowing, that by the time we exhausted that subject, we had been talking several minutes, were comfortable with each other, and had gained a lot of valuable "free" information about each other.

It didn't take me long to realize how many hot babes my logo tees had allowed me to get to know. As soon as a gal would comment about my shirt, it set off that instant "Bingo!! Babe alert!!" message in my mind that allowed me to swing into action, because I was prepared.

So, you too need to "be prepared." The very next time any gal begins a conversation with you, no matter where you are or what the occasion, just immediately assume she wants to get to know you, smoothly switch over to talking about HER and things she is interested in, and make sure you get on base by getting that all important phone number!

You will find yourself getting lots of "extra base hits and home runs" all because you were prepared!