Meet More Women By Changing Your Routine

by DJ de Florida

It has been said many times -- the number of potential dates increases with the number of women you meet. So you need to play the numbers game.

If you aren't meeting new women in your life, maybe you should consider changing your routine.

If you go to gym on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday... try Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday instead. If you always go straight from work to home, try making it a point to visit a store on the way home. If you eat lunch at the same place everyday, try eating at another place.

Place a personal ad. Go visit that bookstore you have never been to. Take a dancing class. Volunteer. Visit the library more.

The point is, if you don't make changes, things will stay the same....


You've Got It

by Anon

I think everyone remembers a chubby girl in high school -- kinda nerdy looking, funky glasses, dressed bad, no confidence.

Then a few years later you see this same girl and you can't believe it's her. She moves with an air of confidence and poise, smiles at you in a way that makes you want to confess every wrong you ever did, and some you didn't. Dressed so fine, looking so good, radiating confidence... and you (along with every other guy in the country) are thinking, "Man, if I woulda known."

She's got it. She always had it. That mysterious it that she can walk just right and knows exactly how to talk to a man, and her presence is everywhere.

It was always there, hidden by bad clothes, a lack of confidence, and a bad do.

That's you, man. You've got it. You've always had it.

You know just what to say to a women. You stop their little hearts with a smile that says more than the last ten romance novels she's read. The air around you is charged with your magnetism. You've got it.

And some chick is thinking (along with the rest of the country), "Sister, if I woulda known..."