How to Skyrocket Your Success Rate with Women

by James Smith

Once again I picked this one up from the world of sales and it seems to work extremely well with women.

In sales, when I started, I would talk about the product or service and then say, "So would you like to buy?"

This, to me, implies a position of weakness because it means there is a possibility that they would not, and you are admitting that possibility by asking.

What I did a few times by accident is I said, "I believe that this product/service would greatly benefit you because........" without asking for the order.

My sales and success went up greatly simply by telling people what I thought, and leaving it up to them to act. And act they did.

So I thought how about with women. In the past I would ask them if they would go out with me, or if they would give me their number, or that I wanted to see them. I was successful but not to the extent I would have liked to have been. And sometimes dates seemed forced or contrived. Not good.

As a result, I began telling women what I thought and wanted, while not asking them to act. This way they can see what I am saying while not feeling pressured to act. Paradoxically, this, in essence, frees them to act, as they do not feel pressured to do as I suggest.

If I wanted a number I would say, "It would be a good idea if I had your number so that I could call you and we could see each other."

If I wanted a date I would say, "It would be a good idea if we went for a drink and got to know each other better."

If I wanted to make love to a woman: "It would be a great idea if we went back to my place and made passionate love."

You get the idea here.

My success rate skyrocketed.

I have been able to get women that just wanted to be friends in the past to ask me out on romantic dates... just by me saying, "You know, it would be a great idea if we went out on a date and became romantically involved. I think we both would benefit from the experience greatly."

They ask me out.

With women I just met I say, "It would be a great idea if I had you number and called you, because I think it would be great if we saw each other for a coffee."

The numbers just fly.

A key point here is that you are not asking them to act and therefore you do not stand to be rejected, because you are only expressing your opinion. So in addition to being more effective you do not put yourself in a position to be shot down, as when you ask a woman out or ask for a number.

You can also use this when she wants to do something you do not want. Safe but strong way to get your point across.

I believe this works because by telling them what you believe you appear more convincing and strong in your belief, and they have little choice but to believe what you say. In order for them to dispute what you say they would have to form a strong negative image in their head of you. And if you have not given them a reason as to why they should have a negative image, they have little choice but to agree to you.

By asking them for something it's up to them to form a positive image in their heads surrounding you and what you suggest. This sometimes may be too much effort, or they may have the wrong image of you in the first place.

By telling them what you think and instilling in them a benefit, you are able to create the image you want and cause them to act upon that, ultimately giving you what you want.

Remember tell them what you think, and the benefit of what you suggest, and you'll fly.