The Key to Making Moves on a Woman

by John

There are two quite different mistakes you can make with a woman. The worst is perhaps making a move when she is not interested. But also bad is failing to make a move when she is interested.

When you are subtly courting a woman, if things go well then she will become more receptive to you up to a point. And then, if you don't do anything, her interest level in you may start to decline.

Make a move too soon, and you come across as needy and gauche. But if you don't make a move when she wants you to and when you have the opportunity, then she can only conclude that you are not interested, or that you are chicken. If you make a move much later on, when she is no longer interested, then she concludes that you were chicken.

So it is all about timing. To get your timing right, you have to be able to read her signals. You don't have to get her signals just right, you just have to have an idea as to when she is receptive so that you can make a subtle move to escalate the relationship a step.

What is a move? It depends on the context and what is appropriate to the degree of intimacy that has been established.

If she's gazing into your eyes up close adoringly, then kissing her is a move. If she is across the room looking openly at you, then simply going to talk to her is a move. If she has just told you that she loves you, then telling her that you love her too is a move. If you've been talking a while, and she is showing signs of interest, then saying, "Let's get together for a coffee sometime" is a move.

Good timing is knowing what degree of interest to show when. It is about revealing your interest in steps appropriate to her level of interest, never jumping too far ahead, but never leaving her high and dry either.

By getting your timing right you show yourself to be experienced, mature, in control; a perceptive man of finesse and subtlety.

And how do you get timing?

By experience. You'll keep coming on too strong, then not strong enough, until you know how to do it just right.

Then you really will be a man of experience, and she will notice.