Approaching Women Like Albert Einstein

by foxmulder

Albert Einstein was famous for a lot of things including his gedankenexperimente.

He would setup some experiment in his mind and he would try to imagine a reality-based outcome of the experiment in his mind.

If you can't imagine yourself talking to a female you like very much why not talk to her in your thoughts. You can change her personality to your wishes and even prepare yourself for the real thing. You can work out possible reactions of the imaginative woman to your words.

Example of a gedankenexperimente with a woman you've just met:

Don Juan (You): I find you very beautiful, Love-interest!

Love-interest (possibility #1): You can't be serious!

Love-interest (possibility #2): Go use techniques on someone else you a**hole!

Love-interest (possibility #3): Get lost dipsh*t!

Love-interest (possibility #4): Thank you, Don. That's very nice of you to say!

Four possibilities that can grow to an infinite number of possibilities if you want.

Now you can decide which of the words she would say to you if the situation was real.

P.S. You might think this is so obvious, but in The Netherlands (where I live) I witness so many good guys finishing last (or not finishing at all). I think history is repeating itself too often sometimes.

Time to change it; starting with myself.