If You Get Rejected

by Paul

I am lucky enough to have a female friend who is married (and hot as hell). She recently told me an amazing story:

While at college in her 20s, she dated a dude for about a month. During one dinner he asked her to spend the night with him. She told him she wasn't looking for an intimate relationship. (She purposefully lied. Says she just couldn't say yes on the first time.)

The thing is, dude never asked again! They remained friends (lunch and study dates, only occasionally).

Her last night at college, they went out, and she got all dressed up, hoping to get laid. Being the "gentleman" he was, he took her to dinner. (She tells me she was thinking, "Sex me! Don't feed me!")

They parted ways with a simple kiss.

Now obviously if dude had persisted, he would've succeeded.

But I personally have also ignored my share of girls after getting blown off the first time.

Here's the kicker: I suggested to her that she must regret not getting a chance to bed this dude. She said if she had to do it again, she would do things exactly the same. To this day, she thinks dude is a loser for not asking again!

She assures me that girls do this all the time - say no when what they really mean is, "Yes, but I need to play hard-to-get before we can have sex." She says she isn't really sure why they do this either.

Also it seems hot girls will not initiate sex - even when they are craving it.

So guys, take heed: Don't make the mistake of using rational thinking with women. They do not think like we do.

If they seem to be having a good time with you and you're sure they don't hate your personal guts, keep trying. If you gotta put her on the back burner and work on somebody else, do it and return later.

Only when you're positive you won't be gettin any, do you move on!