The Easiest Way to Meet Women

by Jason

The single best way I have found of meeting women is dancing. And by dancing, I don't mean club dancing, I mean Swing Dancing.

Or Ballroom, or Salsa, or Latin, or whatever you like, but NOT club dancing — it must be partner-oriented.

Here's why:

  • There are always more girls than guys.
  • You can't dance by yourself; you have to have a girl to dance.
  • The noise level isn't nearly as high as it is in clubs, so you can actually talk with her.
  • You must go up to a woman to ask her to dance, so right off the bat you are displaying the most important trait of all - confidence!

I have had more luck meeting women from swing dancing than I have from any other single activity.

Don't forget to bring your pen for all the numbers you'll be getting!