How to Gain Confidence and Meet Dozens of Beautiful Girls

by Chocolate-Tai

Honestly, I hear a lot of good tips on this site, but a lot of them are too complicated to be used practically by most guys. Ready for a tip that is 100% guaranteed to boost your confidence, boost your ability to talk to ALL PEOPLE - especially girls, and will make you some extra cash in the process?

A few weeks ago I got hired at this expensive leather shoe store and my life hasn't been the same since.

I only wanted the job because I was desperate but, little did I know, it turned out to be an untapped gold mine of girls!

Every single shift of every day, dozens and dozens of gorgeous girls come into my store to try on shoes. For a guy who was semi-shy when it came to approaching girls, this changed my life in a big way.

After 3 weeks of doing this job, girls recognize me everywhere as the "Dockside Guy" because of the shoe store. I have met more gorgeous girls and gotten more phone numbers with this job than I seriously know what to do with!

So if you want to meet dozens of beautiful girls, become well known, improve your confidence and people skills, and get paid for it, get a job in the mall shoe store.