The Key to More Phone Numbers, More Dates, and More Sex

by James Smith

This is one of the best attitudes I have found to adopt in order to achieve success with women. By simply adopting this attitude I have been able to get further with more women than ever before. Let me explain in detail.

I discovered this one when trying to have an affair with a married woman. She said no to the affair but nonetheless kept calling me and sending me e-mails. I realized that I was not going to get anywhere with her so I had nothing to lose and as a result all I did was say everything counter to what she said.

When she asked me to stop talking about sex, the more I talked about it. The more she said she would not sleep with me, the more I asked her.

When I did this, all I got were giggles and laughter. She began calling me at night when her husband was out and talked about leaving him. Finally after a couple of months of this nonsense, she admitted she loved me passionately and wanted to leave her marriage for me. I ended it right there.

I looked back at what I did and realized that the more I acted in control and the more I expressed my opinions in light of what she said (mismatched), the more she called and e-mailed me.

Therefore I began using on other women, this attitude of telling women what to do and expressing my opinions in light of what they say. The result has been more dates, more sex, more numbers, and more overall fun than at any other point in my life.

Key point here when expressing yourself is to express your opinion no matter how different it may be to hers, but in such a way where you do not try to impose it on her, or do not try to tell her that her opinion or view is wrong. This way she feels you still respect her opinion but have your own as well, and that you are not willing to compromise yours. This, I found, is most attractive to a woman.

I believe the reason this attitude works is that it conveys to the woman that she does not have you. By not having you I mean she does not control you. By feeling like she does not have you she will try to get you by being more open to you in the hopes of making you agree and give into her.

This means she will open herself to dates, sex, and doing favors for you. The longer you continue to do this and the more women you can do this to, the more women you will have and keep around for a longer time.

So have fun and remember, be in control and have to balls to go for your way, and you will go further and faster than ever before.