The Most Effective Way to Pick Up Women

by Salsalvr

Dancing is the most effective way to pick up women based on my own personal experience.

A few years ago, I discovered Salsa dancing at one of the many hip Los Angeles Salsa clubs. I noticed a few common things at each of these club that sparked me to develop the "Don Juan" within. Here they go:

1) There was an over abundance of incredibly sexy and beautiful women. The ratio of woman to men was 2:1 from what I had seen.

2) I could be as selective as I wanted to be since the potential of scoring was very, very high.

3) Being rejected would be directly proportional to my dance skills.

4) Women preferred strong leads.

So, I made it my mission to be the best salsa dancer possible.

Remember, most woman are natural-born dancers to begin with. Therefore, it is imperative that men learn as much as possible in order to be strong leads. Wimpy leads don't get asked to dance a second time!

Woman who are so-so dancers will be impressed when you tell them they are excellent dancers when, actually, YOU directed them (note: Easy targets, Don Juaners!!!). I recommend "rookie" Don Juans who just learned the basic "moves" stick with the easy targets first.

Then, with more experience, gradually move up to the professional female dancers. Your competition (other males) at this level will be far less since fewer men know how to dance Salsa.

Also, commanding the dance floor gets you noticed by all women at the club which definitely improves your exposure, and ultimately, your success in the art of "Don Juaning."

Personally, not only did I gain a new skill from all the dance lessons, but got to be a Don Juan. Today, I am in total control at the clubs because I know I am a very good dancer; hence, I am able to pick up any woman I want because of it.

Last, should you be the unfortunate DJ with two left feet, just go for women who know how to move their hips, for reasons I won't mention here...