The Handshake Freeze

by Slowtrance

One of the favorite tricks I like to use at the office with women I find attractive is the handshake freeze.

When they come in I will discuss whatever the business at hand is while doing some very subtle flirting.

When we are done and they are about to leave, I stand up with them and hold out my hand. As we begin with a normal handshake, all of a sudden I will stop, look down like I am thinking about something for a second, and then quickly look up directly into their eyes while still holding the hand.

Then I ask a basic question like, "What is your name again?" Right as they answer I completely allow the focus of my eyes to stop, which allows my pupils to dilate. What this does is it causes their pupils to do the same, causing a semi-hypnotic state for the next few seconds.

Then as soon as I let their hand go I say, "Call me" ... pause ... "if you need anything." This gives them an embedded command disguised as a normal business statement.

It is so funny to watch as they stumble half dazed out of my office.

I learned this technique from reading a book about Milton Erickson the Master Hypnotherapist. I was skeptical at first, but I have found it really works. What happens is that not only do you extend the physical handshake without causing discomfort (remember you asked a question so it is only natural to maintain the grip) but the longer you maintain the contact the greater the arousal between you and the individual. This heightens attraction.

Then when you utilize the hypnotic command you are imprinting the words call you, with the physical arousal you have created by the contact.

The most difficult part about all of this is learning how to get your eyes to relax and your pupils to dilate on command. I had to practice this for a while to be able to control it like I want to.

Give it a shot. I have had pretty good success with this when I get the timing right.