So What Do You Do for Fun?

by J. Koegler

"So what do you do for fun?"

This is a great probing question for a woman that you're chatting up, and you're unsure if she has a boyfriend -- before you commence with closing for the phone #.

It's a great lead-in because it comes off as non-obtrusive and you don't look like a loser to her, asking the common "Do you have a boyfriend?" question that she hears all the time.

You're interested in knowing what she does in her spare time, and it also makes her think you might be a "fun guy" to be around, while at the same time gives you your answer as to whether she is taken or not.

If she is in a serious relationship, most of the time she will mention the bf when talking about what she likes to do.

Try it. It's smooth and it definitely works.

J. Koegler