How to Pick Up Girls In the Rain


It was raining heavily the other day in San Francisco.

I was walking back home from work, and saw a pretty, poor girl walking without an umbrella in front of me. I simply walked up behind her and put my big umbrella above both of us.

It was so fast and natural that I did not have the time to even get shy. She was really surprised and flattered by that. We walked a bit down the street as she was about to catch a bus.

She insisted on getting me a cup of coffee and we got warmed up before continuing our walk.

We set down for like 15 minutes, and I ended up kissing her and getting her digits.

Since I learned the DJ method, I let her pay as she wanted. I thought it was the right thing to do.

What I liked about it is the non-cheesiness and non-banality of my come on. It was totally founded, based on reality and I was not pressing. I think I projected some confidence by that as well.

Next time it's raining out there, look out for the girls. And most  importantly - have a big umbrella. :)