The Perfect Fun and Spontaneous Date

by Jack

You've got her number, you went out on the first date and things went smoothly, maybe even really well. Great!

Now you want to get her to think of you in certain ways. And like Pavlov did with his dogs, you must begin to condition her, and how she thinks of you.

This is what I've done more than once, so it has a track record of success.

For the second date, find one of those carnivals that they put up around town. You know, the ones that have the rides that are "really" scary because they've been around since the 70's, and were put together overnight in some park, and are being run by those tattooed speed freaks. They're all over any big city at different times of the year, especially Los Angeles, which is where I'm from.

Now don't tell her that this is where you are going. Act like you're taking her to this restaurant that you really like. In fact, if you can find a really cool place to take her afterwards that happens to be nearby, great. You may not make it to the restaurant though, if you know what I mean.

The trick is to be on your way to said restaurant, and as you are passing by the carnival, say "Hey... THAT looks like fun! Let's go check it out?" with real little boy mischief.

Or I'd pass the carnival, slow down and pull over. Look back at the lights, then look at her, pause, and say "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" in as tempting a tone as possible.

This has not failed to get a positive response, even if it's, "Just for one ride or two."

Believe me if you make that quick detour and take her by the hand and go on some rides, win her a little qp doll and share some cotton candy, all the while behaving in a totally spontaneous manner, she will regress to her "little girl" state, get her adrenaline pumping, and she'll associate YOU with thrills and excitement.

Now whatever you do, don't make the mistake of telling her beforehand. When I did this, they always had some lame excuse like "Those rides make me sick" or "That seems kinda sketchy." I think they don't want to come off as immature or something.

But when it's done as a spur-of-the-moment thing, you grant them permission to be that little girl again, which is exactly what you want and exactly what they love!

It may take a bit of research and reconnaissance on your part, but it's worth it. As in great sex in the car, etc.