Where to Meet Energetic Ladies

by Classic

Wanna be surrounded by the ladies?

Take a Self-Defense class!

I was in an advanced karate class last semester, and the Self-Defense class that was after mine had about 40 people in it; and the ladies made up about 95% of the class!

These women are energetic and excited about being in the class because they're ready to learn how to kick some butt, which also makes it easier to talk to them than in most situations.

Plus, the fact that you're in a martial arts class makes for good opening lines and conversations: "So what made you take this class instead of, say, Chia-Pet grooming?" Have some fun with it!

Also, this is a Win-Win situation. (I love those kinds!) Not only are you in a good position to talk to some new ladies, but also you might even learn a few things that you will enjoy.