Use This Easy Ice Breaker to Meet More Girls

by Anon

How many of you guys wear a wrist watch?

My guess, almost all.

Why do you wear a watch?

That's easy, to tell time.

Here is a thought that will make you wonder if it's really worth having a watch on your wrist.

Most of us, have a hard time talking to girls, or starting a basic conversation. As you might have heard, or read many places before, there are many ways to start a conversation. Carry a book, wear an ornament that somewhat stands out, dress differently than the rest of the crowd (suit at a party, instead of jeans).

What you should also do is look for women doing the same things so you can strike up a conversation about it.

The reason I ask you if it's really worth wearing a wrist watch, is because it gives you a reason to talk, to converse with strangers. I know there are wall clocks almost everywhere you go, but ignore them and look for people.

Making small talk is the first basic skill you need to walk up to a girl and try to get her phone number or a date.

If you don't have a watch, and need to know the time, or see a girl you think is cute and doesn't seem too busy, ask her the time and continue from there. It's an ice breaker that isn't as cheesy as a line but very functional.

We are all slaves of time. Might as well use that fact to meet others.