This Opening Line Works Every Time

by 014

Are you someone who's usually at a "loss for words" or doesn't know what to say to an attractive girl in a social scene, club, bar, etc. You probably use these approaches...

"Can I buy you a drink?"

"Would you like to dance?"

99% of the time what do girls say to this? The answer is "NO." The reason is:

1) They're not "open-ended" questions, which means they can only be answered by yes and NO. They hear those things a 1000 times a night.

2) Girls like to be mentally stimulated. "Can I buy you a drink?" is BORING & DULL.

I have a great "opener" for you. It doesn't matter how beautiful the girl is because saying this shows you're different, have confidence, and that you're upbeat. Find the girl you like, look her in the eyes and say slowly and softly:

"I BET you have a nice smile..."

Right after you say that, YOU smile and wait for her reaction. It's a universal law that when someone smiles at you, you naturally smile yourself. When you say this "opener" any normal/clinically sane girl will either:

a) Crack a BIG smile
b) Smile & Blush
c) Smile and say to you..."Thank You."

Once she does one of those you say, "Ah! See? I knew it." That leaves you an open door to start a conversation.

If she ignores you or gives you a blank stare, guess what? She's a bitch.

If that happens (slim chance) say "I guess not" and walk away. She just did you a big favor and saved you time. Remember you want a girl who is SWEET & FUN not a Nazi.

I've had tremendous success with this. Good Luck!