Women Are Drama Queens

by Poosy Marauder

I was getting a haircut the other night and I overheard some woman telling another... "You know I need to have a little drama in my life."

A lot of women fall into this category. I guess it comes from a life of watching soap operas and Oprah.

These women need to FEEL something... ANYTHING... even if it is a negative, otherwise they grow bored and move on to the next guy.

This is why it sometimes pays to mix things up a little. One day be sweet and romantic, and the next day be cold and distant.

Guaranteed she'll spend HOURS on the phone dissecting and analyzing every nuance of your behavior with her girlfriends. They are intrigued by the changes in your behavior.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, most women are emotional masochists. They love a little relationship drama to spice up their lives and have some challenge to overcome.