How to Dress Well and Attract Women

by Craig

I recently went shopping with a female co-worker and asked her opinion on what shirts would look good on me.

She picked out a couple of brightly colored dress shirts that I would have not normally looked at in a million years. She said, "Trust me, this would look really good on you."

Since Fridays are casual, I decided to wear one of the shirts to work.

On my way into work, two women complimented me on my shirt. At work, several women stopped by my cubicle to say how nice my shirt was, or if I had a date or something. And one even playfully threatened to take my shirt and send me home topless.

The best part was after I had come back from lunch, there was an anonymous post note on my computer that said that "I looked yummy today." Hmmmm.

So guys, get a girl to dress you. It is a worthy investment.