Meeting and Attracting Girls By Working As a Team

by Jay Rhone

Many evenings you've sat there with your buddies cracking jokes on each other, but don't let that follow you into the clubs.

When new milestones are reached it's usually with a little assistance from others. Girls say pick up lines are lame, but if your buddy says good things about you it can be very beneficial.

Real sales involve word of mouth - that's how businesses get successful. Nobody really pays attention to ads that seem to have something to gain, but when a friend or family member recommends a product it becomes quite persuasive. That's why so many couples meet through friends and many people are hired through other employees.

So how can you work this at a club?

Let's bring an example into this. Woman love getting back massages, etc. So you might light-heartedly comment to one of the girls that your buddy is a "master masseuse."

Or when you see a chick standing close enough to hear, point to some other chick who's not looking and say to your buddy, "That girl over there, she wants you bad!" When the chick standing close by hears this she'll be looking at your buddy in a whole new light.

When you're out at a club with your buddies, make it a team effort, and save the wise cracks for later. Everybody will come out a winner.

Jay Rhone