How to Get Her Phone Number

by Persuader

Having been in sales for quite awhile, I'm constantly coming across new techniques to close on deals. One I picked up on at a conference turned out not only useful in sales, but also in getting numbers.

After you have struck up a conversation with the woman and are at that point where you want to ask for her number, try this:

"Look I have to go now, I really enjoyed meeting you. We should pick this up again. Why don't you give me your number and I'll give you a call, ok? ... Just say yes."

You would be surprised how such a little thing as that makes such a big difference in results.


Make the Phone Number Automatic

by krakhed

I recently returned to these boards after a six-month hiatus. I've noticed a lot of posts from guys that are wondering if the girl likes them, and what they should do next. "Should I go for it?"

This is NOT a legitimate question for a DJer.

The answer is always YES. If you don't go for the phone number close, then you're still a rank amateur.

Make it automatic! Every time you meet a little hottie. Make nice, make your move, go for the phone number.

Every time. If you don't, then you blew it. You should ask for her number the FIRST time you meet her. Then you don't have to waste time wondering if you "should go for it."

Make it automatic. Every time. Get the phone number.