Is She Making a Mistake and Rejecting a Great Guy?

by G-Man

I met a girl at work about 6 months ago and we had a couple of very nice dates. The first one, I'd say, was the best first date I'd ever been on.

I wasn't initially super-attracted to this particular woman, and she wasn't what anyone would consider to be a "10". But I enjoyed talking to her so much that an attraction grew.

This is the first time I was willing to date a "tweener". A few pounds either way would make her really hot or really not. And I was proud of myself for not being shallow. That being said, I'm no "10" myself.

After our second date, I just got a really weird vibe. I asked her if we were just out on a date, or just out as "friends". She thought we were just friends.

We all know how that word, coming from a woman, feels. Personally, I'd rather get punched in the face than hear that ever again. Needless to say, my self-esteem was wounded.

Anyway, being a good sales rep, I summed up for her, in a light-hearted kind of way, all of the reasons I thought she should give me a try. I told her, "I'm 6'4" tall, good body, nice guy, six-figure income, witty, smart, lots of cash in the bank." She didn't disagree.

But then I realized something. I've got a pretty solid personal resume. I just never said it out loud before. This chick was turning down what was probably the best offer she would ever get!

I felt better immediately.

So guys, if you get turned down by a "tweener" or a "10", forget about it. Remind yourself of your good points, and get back out there.

Not every woman has to like you.

Ultimately, you only need one.