An Opening Line That Works Well For Me

by Anon

I thought of this one a couple of weeks ago and couldn't wait to use it. This works with one or several girls. Make sure to have at least one friend with you.

Find a girl/girls (it's easier with one than a group), sit down, and say:

"Excuse me, this is going to sound strange. But I saw you from where I was sitting and my friend bet me $50 that I wouldn't come over and say hi. So, if you could just humor me for a couple of moments."

Then ask THEM what they are doing, what THEY like. Let them talk about them. It's key.

The very first time I did this it was with two girls and I wound up having a very fun and pleasant 20-minute conversation before I actually had to bring it to a close. They were leaving soon.

I told them to wait a few minutes and I would bring my friend over. I did, and what was really strange is one of the girls felt bad for him because he supposedly lost $50!

We met up with them later that night and had a lot of fun. Unfortunately, they were just visiting for the weekend, but still got a good night and of course a number out of it.