How to Make Rejection Fun

by Dreadcor

Okay, here's a game you need to try with your friends.

You all need to go to a town you know you will not go back and visit, and go to a club or bar there. The objective of the game is to get turned down at least 5 times. You must remain at the club/bar until each person has been rejected 5 times. The last person to do it has to buy a round of drinks for all his buddies.

The idea behind this is two-fold.

The first is to help you to realize that rejection really ain't that bad, especially when you know that you're TRYING to get rejected. Also, you just might be surprised at how hard it really is to get rejected, because the women often respond POSITIVELY, even when you act like an idiot on purpose.

I've done this with some of my friends before, and it actually can be a lot of fun. It becomes even more fun the more drunk you become. The best part is when a woman actually starts responding in a positive way, and you have to stop the conversation and move on because you still need to get rejected by 2 or 3 more women.

It also becomes funny when the game starts to get close at the end and everyone starts acting like total jackasses in the effort to get rejected more rapidly.