What If She Cancels the Date?

by Allen Thompson

If a woman cancels a date with you, and doesn't apologize profusely and suggest making it up in the near future, she probably has no intention of ever going out with you.

The same thing if you call to set up a date, and she says she can't because she's busy that night. If she's at all interested in getting together, she'll make a suggestion for a different night. If she doesn't then she's probably not interested and you're wasting your time.

You can, of course, keep trying. Persistence is sometimes rewarded.

But the odds are not in your favor at this point.

Allen Thompson
Copyright © 1999

A Great Icebreaker In a Bar or Club

by JerseyCane

When I was younger, and used to frequent bars every weekend, I had a trick that was a great icebreaker.

I would bring a PEZ dispenser (preferably a character a girl would like) to the bar. When an attractive woman stood next to me, I would whip out the PEZ dispenser, and offer her one.

In the majority of situations, the object of my desires would smile and laugh, saying how long it had been since they ate that candy. It usually broke the ice, and it set me apart from the usual pick-up lines.

And eating PEZ brings up good memories from her childhood, which also helps.