Always Have a Dating Backup Plan

by Tom Walczykowski

Now this tip can be used effectively when you first start dating a woman, or if you have been seeing each other for awhile. It's so simple to do, yet the reaction most women will get out of it is astounding!

Basically, it involves always having a back-up plan for whatever you decide to do. Be it a movie, coffee, dinner, whatever.

For example, if you make a dinner reservation at a restaurant, make another one at a different restaurant 30 minutes to an hour later than the first. This will be helpful in situations where either you or her are running late, traffic slows you down, you or she doesn't like the first restaurant (for whatever reason), or a myriad of other problems which can occur in the middle of a date.

If you can tell your lady that everything is under control, and walk into another restaurant with reservations already made, it will display that you cared enough, and had enough brains, to have a contingency plan. Odds are you will stand out, and obtain a VERY positive reaction from her.

In my opinion, one of the most basic premises of being a Don Juan is to always have a back-up plan.

Tom Walczykowski