The Perfect Place to Meet Women

by Anon

One question that all of us are or should be asking, is where we can go to meet women. After all, what good is all of the advice that you read here if you don't utilize any of it.

I am a personal trainer at an average gym, and I tell you that place is a gold mine.

Now a lot of guys may not agree because we spend the majority of our time in the weight room working on bench press, squats, you know "guy exercises."

Well at my gym we have an aerobics room that offers free classes on a regular basis. Abs only, aerobics, spin, you know "girl exercises." And whenever I look in while there's a class in session the ratio of women to men is about 20 to 1.

Seriously, I have seen some average guys meet supermodel drop dead gorgeous women in there. You know all the girls are in shape because those classes aren't easy, and they aren't exactly wearing a lot of clothes while they're sweating.

It's the perfect environment. I have never seen a place where the average girl was so hot with an almost complete lack of other men.

Go check it out. Worst thing that can happen is you get in shape.