by Smooth Vejita

Being a participant in the dating game is very similar to being a repairman.

He has a job to do. He has to fix things. In order to do that, he must know how to go about it. But knowing how is not enough. He must have the "tools to do the job."

In the dating game, you cannot attract women if you do not have the tools to do the job. All of the knowledge in the world about women will not result in success, unless you can actually apply it properly.

Attracting women includes radiating confidence, charm, ambition, challenge, mystery. The list goes on. All of these qualities can be summed up as charisma.

Charisma is simply defined as "a personal attractiveness that makes one like you and be inspired by you." The stronger your charismatic aura, the stronger and more frequent you will attract women, and people in general.

Developing this aura takes practice and discipline, a constant process of self-improvement that involves working on each separate component:

  • Manner - radiating a type of gracefulness and finesse with a bearing that says you are an important person that demands respect.
  • Presence - looking good, learning how to confidently deal with the space around (the opposite of appearing goofy).
  • Empathy - treating people, ALL people you come into contact with, special by learning to listen to them, to their dreams, hopes, fears, and appealing to them, and inspiring hope and desire in them.
  • Mystery - One of the most important components. If you cannot fulfill the other parts of charisma, mystery will have no effect. Mystery is created when you keep your intentions to yourself, never showing all the cards in your hand, being unpredictable.

When your confident manner, commanding presence, and empathetic attitude make you stand out, people's imaginations begin to rock and they wonder "What is it about him that makes him so different. Why does HE, out of everyone else, look so confident?"

This wondering causes people to want to be around you more, because somehow you "connect" with them and have their respect, and radiate that confident aura.

They cannot explain it, but they grow attracted to you and your presence is heightened because those who never met you will want to, once they hear from others how great you are.

See the pattern and how it all "connects?" Develop charisma and get the ultimate tools for the job!