Give to the Giver and Take from the Taker

by J. Crooks

I have learned in my journey of intermediate/near advanced Don Juanism that there are two basic types of women, and most of the times that I struck out I mistook one for the other, not even knowing about the difference.

Just like all people, there are givers and takers. Most of the women that we are learning techniques for are the takers. All of the advice for dealing with this type of woman can be summed up into four words -- "Take from the Taker".

If she has a taker personality she is used to men giving and giving to her. But more than likely, she is bored out of her mind hoping that a man would put a stop to it. These types of women are generally attractive, popular, or have something unique about them that gets a lot of attention.

Being like this was probably fun for her in high school, but she does not know how to stop. These types of women respond well to the cocky/funny technique or to just being generally rude, busting their balls, and refusing to grant any request that she asks for with a smile. (If you don't smile, she will think you are an ass and that would be game over. If you are smiling she will think that you are a helluva man.)

If you listen closely, when you first meet a woman and are getting to know her, she will subconsciously tell you what type of woman she is. If you know what to listen for you can fill her out like a job application.

Look for stories where she is bragging about how much Guy A has done for her, where she has been because of Guy B, how she had Guy C's luxury car for a whole month, or how Guy D used to make himself look like a jackass for her amusement. She is giving you signals that say... "Pay attention loser, this is what you have to do for me, or you will never have a chance with me!"

An AFC (Average Frustrated Chump) would jump in line with the subliminal messages to get close to this hot (or even average) chick and unconsciously start doing those things, and get tossed into the trash a few weeks later.

Bust her balls, treat her like that girl who sat behind you in 4th period English with the mega braces and the permanent Ben-gay smell.

Next, there is the Giver. More suited for the AFC of budding Juan. The Giver is a woman who will loan you $200 a week for eternity. She will pick you up for work and does not complain if you decided to hang out with your buddies, and she drove all the way to get you and met only an empty parking lot.

This type of woman pays for prom, does your homework, supports deadbeat adult males and is the backbone of the commercial side of America. This type of woman is a gem, and so often we are trying to get our skills together to mack hard to get chicks, and she is quietly below the surface being ignored. That is a travesty.

This type of chick would make a great girlfriend or wife (and future mother to your kids) but you would permanently turn her off by busting her balls or being rude to her. She may never say so, but rest assured you wouldn't see any parts of it.

This Giver personality is excited by small tokens of appreciation. You could throw a Taker type chick a birthday party and spend $1,000 on decorations and food... and she complains the whole night because you forgot her Celine Dion CD at the house.

A Giver chick would forever remember that you thought about her enough to buy a $10 Baskin-Robbins ice cream cake for her birthday and sit with her at her desk during her lunch break and eat a few slices with her.

That is what I am talking about DJ's. Women are always complaining because they are getting mistaken for the other one. Giver women complain about getting treated like trash and being unappreciated. Taker type chicks usually complain a lot in general, but when it has to do with men, they usually complain about men who let them get their way all of the time, or men who won't let them get their way -- but that is why they love them. (Don't ask. I am just a messenger.)

Well DJ's, with this piece of information you can increase your success rate and make the dating scene a better place if you are treating the ladies accordingly. Have a great day fellas.

J. Crooks