3 Reasons You Should Learn to Play Golf

by DJ de Florida

Golf is a sport for Don Juans. Learning to hit that little ball around can bring great opportunities. Here is a partial list:

1) Golf teaches you to be cool under pressure.

Some of us are hotheads and get bothered easily. Learning to maintain control is important. You don't want to blow up on a date in front of your woman when the waiter spills a bit of water on you, right?

2) Golf may provide opportunities in your career.

A lot of business deals and arrangements are made on the course. If you are not playing, you are being left out. Also, you could be running into other men on the course who could help you out. It is also a good way to measure the integrity, honesty, and personality of other men.

3) Golf makes the ultimate fun date.

If you are an average golfer and she is a beginner, she will be amazed at your abilities. Even better, go golfing with women who have never been. You can work in touching and witty lines all over the place when helping her with her swing.

When she finally hits that ball, she will feel a sense of empowerment and enjoyment. She will associate that feeling with you after the date is over. Even though you are no Tiger, you will be a golf pro in her mind.

Tee it up!