An Obvious Talent - Palm Reading

by Mark Williams

I have discovered that you can have a conversation and consequently a relationship with most of the women that you meet if you have an obvious talent.

The quickest talent that I have discovered, and that probably is the most effective of all, is that of Palm Reading.

If you approach women and ask, "Can I see your palm?", they will usually comply with little resistance. It does not take long for them to realize that you are "the palm reader."

Women get quickly aroused when you are reading their palms. It creates a quick bond and infatuation with the new relationship between you and them. Also, in the hands are sensitive and stimulating nerves that, when touched, create a sexual feeling. As a palm reader you will quickly arouse a woman by examining and touching the palm of her hand during the reading.

Learning how to read palms is easy. You can pick up a palm reading book at your local library. Two good books that I can recommend are "Palm Reading for Beginners" and "Revealing Hands" -- both by the same author.

You can become a palm reader within minutes of reading one of these. And you can become an excellent palm reader in about 3 or 4 weeks of studying and practicing.

Mark Williams