Dating Tip - How to Pass the Dating Interview

by Jazzman

Chicks will invariably "interview" you if you let them.

Nice guys who answer these questions invariably won't get a second date, or get laid.

The trick here is to be the one doing the interviewing. It's her that gets the interview.

Restaurant, whatever...

Her: Where do you work?

You: The city sewer. Where do you work?

This is where the power comes back to you because you make it clear you are "evaluating her answer." You make it clear through your demeanor that you are the one doing the evaluating here.

You are the PRIZE. She is in question. She needs to seek your approval, because you're in charge.

As she answers give her lots of "uh huh", "I see", "tell me more, this is interesting", "fascinating".

The whole time this "conversation" is going on, the real conversing needs to be done with her eyes, through body language, through touch. Like two musical themes that are superimposed over one another, uh-huh, I see, tell me more... just keeps the beat.