Approaching Women With the Correct Mentality

by Penrose

Just last week I met a very beautiful woman on the bus who had a nice personality and was friendly... all because I had the right intentions from the beginning.

I recently read the Friends Mentality tip another DJ subscriber sent in and decided to give it a shot. He stated in the tip that, instead of making his intentions: I have to sex this beautiful hottie and if I don't make this work, I'll be a miserable failure! He makes his intention: to make friends with her in a nice pleasant way, for a small amount of time.

So, after I read the tip, I thought, "What would a person (me) say to another person (her) to convey and express that intent?"

If I were to simply come across a friend, what would she "have to" hear me say, in the first few seconds of public contact? I wrote my intended answers down and practiced them the night before.

The next day, taking the bus home from work, I spotted a beautiful woman boarding just in front of me. I sat in front of the bus, she sat way in back.

I remembered my intent and got up to walk to the back of the bus and sat down strategically across the aisle further back. Then, I approached her from the side, and stated my intent to her.

"Hey...miss? Can I ask you a quick question?"

Her: Okay...?

"Could I befriend you for just five minutes?"

Her: Yes.

I sat down in the empty seat beside her and asked her three or four interesting, open-ended questions and got her email address. Unfortunately, she's already involved and she's here only on vacation.

But I still felt good, because my intentions made something that seemed so far away in the past (future success with women), so "everyday-accessible" now.

I didn't fail because I didn't get the girl. We are still friends and correspond through email. Remember, my intent was friendship. If she was available, and we intended to date, my intent would most likely have changed to seduction, even before our first phone call.

But by making friends first, you'll be pushing all the right buttons of what women crave, yet least expect from most of the dating male population.

And don't worry about only getting female friends you'll never sex; the woman I met found me absolutely intriguing and charming, as stated in her emails. If she weren't involved, I'm sure those qualities would be enough to carry the day.

And if you approach with the right intent often, the science of "critical mass" takes over. If you approach lots, there's bound to be a sizable section of potential "girlfriend material" there, when you least expect it.

As for me, I plan to use my power wisely.