How I Get Phone Numbers These Days

by Dutchie

I tried this recently and it worked 2 times out of 3 for me.

It can be used in a bar, checkout line at the grocery store, clothing store... anywhere. This can really catch someone off guard, and is a little direct, so it isn't for everyone. Works best when you have only a bit of time.

Me:  Say, do you have a phone at home?

She:  Yes, I do... why?

Me:  Well, is it working ok?

She:  Curious and smiling... Well, yes, I think so, why wouldn't it be?

Me:  Well, you can never be too sure can you (smiling).

She:  I suppose....?

Me:  Tell you what. Let me get your number and I can test it for you.

Her response will either be:

1) Sure.

2) No thanks.

3) She'll be harder to get and ask you, "Does this always work... or I don't know, I hardly know you... blah blah." At this point you can carry on the conversation using the various other techniques in this forum.