The First Date Success Test

by James Smith

Do not call a woman for at least three days after a first date.

This is a good way to test if the girl is interested in seeing you again... if she does not mention seeing you again on her own during the date.

Forget this nonsense about calling her the next day to thank her for the date. That is chump behavior as it comes off as desperate and needy.

I have found that women who were interested in me called me within three days after our date. And this way I knew where I stood with them and I knew the cards were in my hand. This waiting three days, if they are lukewarm with you, adds to your mysterious flavor and you avoid coming across as a desperate chump.

For the ones that did not call me within three days, I realized that I either had more work to do with them, or that they were non-starters so to speak. I realized that if a woman was not yet sure of me and I called her too soon to "just talk" rather than ask her out, she would often say that she was not looking for a relationship.

Some women need more time for you to grow on them. And if they do not call you, when you call them call for the purpose of setting up another casual date to get a bite to eat, or to discuss some book you read, and take it from there. This way they can get used to you and feel more comfortable as a result.