To Be Great With Women You Must Change Your Identity

by JPFromTally

I don't know if anybody has ever read the "Rich Dad Poor Dad" series of books (which are very good by the way) but in one of them the author states that in order to be successful at any given endeavor you must first understand the BE-DO-HAVE theory.

The theory states that in order to benefit from any given activity you must not only do - you must BE.

For example, just because you jump off a diving board does not make you a diver. A diver must also be able to train using weights, understand the science behind the sport, eat properly, etc. The person must have the mindset of being a diver and constantly live with the notion that he as a person and he as a diver are one in the same.

Well it's the same thing with being good with women.

So many guys here come and hope that just by following a few quick moves (3-second rule, negs, be a challenge, etc.) they will be able to have girls at their feet in no time. Yet, it doesn't quite work out that way.

That's because they skipped the BE part and went right to the DO part.

In order to be a successful Don Juan one must first accept the fact that he is as such. Immerse yourself in the academics of the subject, recognize yourself as a Don Juan, make it a part of your life.

If you think that being a Don Juan is a bad thing, but try to use some of the "moves" ... you will NEVER succeed with women.

So if you want to finally be able to succeed with women, make being successful with women part of your identity. Say it with me and say it proud:

I am a Don Juan.