Get Her to Open Up By Amazing Her With Your Intuitive Side

by David

One of the hardest things that I find when I talk to a beautiful woman is that they are always on guard.

They are approached so often by so many losers that they will inevitably act in a way that does not allow you to speak to the person that they truly are. You will be speaking to the stuck-up side of their personality, the side that defends themselves from getting hurt.

It is your job as a Don Juan to project yourself in such a way that they feel comfortable enough to reveal themselves to you. If you are accepting of their true personality, they will love you for it.

How do you go about doing this?

The best way that I have found to get women to open up to me is to tell them that I am an extremely intuitive person.

After a few minutes of light fluff talk, I work it into the conversation that I am very good at seeing a person for who they truly are rather than the image that they try to give off to everyone else.

Once they hear this, the first question they always ask is "What can you tell about me?" At this point, their interest is very high because all women love to hear about themselves.

Most guys would say something cheesy like they are beautiful or sexy or something else they have heard a million times before. The key is to tell them about the person who you think they really are.

Before you say anything else ask them not to get mad at you for what you are going to tell them. Say that you have been so dead on about certain people before that they have gotten angry at you for seeing right through to their negative flaws.

This makes them even more intrigued. They will always agree not to get angry with you.

At this point, gaze directly into their eyes with a very curious expression. After about five or six seconds start into your rap.

Every woman believes that they are a sensitive and caring human being. I find most of them really are if you allow them to be. Tell them that you can tell that they are a sensitive person and you can see a real sweetheart inside of them. This will give them the warm fuzzy feeling that they are always looking for.

Then tell them that you can tell that men are confusing to them. Tell them that they are frustrated because all of the nice guys who they talk to just don't do anything for them while the men that they desire do not treat them like they feel that they should be treated. This story applies to every single woman on the planet but they think you're a genius because you could tell that about them specifically.

This is the part that will seal the deal. After you tell her these other things, start acting in a manor that tells her you almost feel bad about telling her the next part. You might even ask again for her not to get mad at you.

Tell her that you can sense that she often puts walls up around herself. She sometimes feels like she is an outsider to the world or on an island all by herself. Tell her that you can sense that she does not easily allow people to see her for who she truly is and she sometimes feels frustrated because of this. Tell her, however, that once she does put down those walls and lets others see all of the different parts of her personality, people love to be near her.

At this point, be prepared to shut up and listen attentively. She will agree with everything you have just told her and give you at least one million reasons why you are so correct.

There are so many reasons why this approach works so well. The main reason it works is because this story applies to everyone. Who hasn't felt on the outside, or guarded, or that they sometimes can't connect well with certain people. Everyone feels like this but when you tell it to a specific woman, it's like you're looking directly into her soul and assuring her that you like what you see.

When women feel like this, they will tell you everything you could possibly want to know (including how to get her into the sac).

This also works exceptionally well with very beautiful women because they are looked at as a piece of meat by men all the time. It is rare for them to find a man who can understand what it is like to be an attractive woman.

A final note: the more sincere you can come across with this approach the better. If you sound like you are spewing out lines that you read somewhere, she will blow you off like every other butthole who talks to her. But if you can come across like you truly are sensing that she is a wonderful person, she will want to be with you.