How to Dress Well

by Joseph

Women like well-dressed men, we all know that. How to dress well though?

The key is symmetry.

Why? Symmetry says "This isn't a fluke, I can create the same pattern over again in mirror image." What it does is show that you know what you are doing, that you have it together so to speak.

Think about how unattractive asymmetrical faces are (think Quasimodo).

Symmetry is broken by small differences between sides. The more symmetrical you are, the more slight details stand out. So, attend to even the smallest detail!

How to achieve symmetry? Here are some starters:

* Press your clothes. No crumpling.

* Polish your shoes. Not down at the heel.

* Have the join in your shirt exactly line up with your zipper. Have your belt buckle exactly along that line.

* When wearing a tie, use a full windsor knot.

* Have "color symmetry". That is, match the color of your belt to your shoes to your watch strap to your wallet, etc. As for metal (belt buckle, watch, pen) stick to the same color, silver OR gold, not a mix.

* Have a flat stomach so that your belt forms a horizontal circle around you. Have the belt buckle just marginally below your belly button so that your body is cleaved into two even parts, top and bottom.

* Have your trousers long enough to fall onto your instep, but not so long so as they drag.

* Make sure your collar is tight enough so it isn't sloppy, but not so tight that you look like you are choking.

* Be absolutely SPOTLESS.

* Cut a bold outline, a bold silhouette. Try these combos: Black or Charcoal trou, dark gray or dark burgundy or dark forest green or dark navy blue shirt.

* Avoid yellow ties. Leave them for clowns. Have a tie darker than your shirt (try a dark black/blue tie on a dark grey shirt). Try a stylish red tie on a white shirt.

* Wear long sleeves (never rolled up) with the cuff coming down exactly to where your hand meets your wrist.

* Make sure your hair forms near endlines. Shave the back of your neck if you have to.

* Make sure your sideburns are even.

* Scarves should hang in perfect parallel lines.

* Shoes should announce your presence audibly (hard sole) not make you stealthy (soft soles).

* Stand up straight!

* Shave.

* Have your clothes FIT.

* Tie should come down so that the point lines up exactly in the center of your belt buckle.

* Wear over-the-calf socks (color matched OF COURSE), so that they are evenly tight (not crumpled) either side.

* Do up buttons. Don't leave back pockets unbuttoned.

* Have a very slim wallet with a card or two. 1 or 2 keys at most (color matched key-ring). Nothing bulging in your pockets ruining the "line". (Oh, and no loose change in your pockets, don't jingle as your walk!)

* Ask stylish young women in good clothes shop what THEY think would look good on YOU and TAKE THEIR ADVICE EVEN IF IT SURPRISES YOU. (And even if it contradicts something I've written here). Likewise for haircuts.

These are just some tips to help you get the general principle. The key is to look STRIKING, to cut a bold, masculine figure (like soldiers in dress uniform do, but without the regalia).