Building Confidence in Strip Clubs

by Poosy Marauder

Last night I finished work and went into the city to get a haircut. Afterwards, although I was by myself, I thought I'd just cruise around a few bars and see if I could find any potential skirt.

I didn't have much luck and to be honest I wasn't really in the right frame of mind, feeling a bit down and not up for the game.

I walked into a strip club and ordered a beer. Before long this 20-year-old knockout with long dark hair comes over to me and, at first, I didn't really know what to say.

After a couple more drinks I was feeling more relaxed. By the end of the night I was having long, funny, stimulating and entertaining conversations with nearly all of the girls in the club and feeling much better about myself.

The points I would like to make here are:

1) Obviously the girls in strip bars are only interested in getting you to pay them for dances, but the process of learning to talk to and maintain an interesting conversation with a 9 -10 girl is great practice for the real thing.

2) When they beg you to pay them for a dance it feels very empowering to knock them back. Kind of a reverse parody of what happens in real life.