How to Keep Your Wife Interested In You

by DonJoey

I went and got my hair cut by my pretty 25-year-old hairdresser on Saturday, and we started talking about relationships.

She started telling me about how great her marriage and husband is, and I asked about her husband and what he's like that made her attracted to him.

I was surprised by her honest answer, and a lot of it reflected what is constantly being said on this site.

1.  He's out living his own life - he still does things he wants to do whether she likes it or not. If she doesn't want to join him, he'll go anyway.

This ticks her off, but she likes that he's still an independent thinker. He doesn't 'need' her to live and they don't have to act like they are 'one' as a lot of couples do (i.e. lose their individual identities to become the 'couple').

2.  He's not predictable - almost every day he brings new dramas to their lives -- chicks love drama. Again this ticks her off but at least "he's not boring".

3.  He's driven and has ambition - he quit one job and took up a position in a totally different field as he wasn't getting any satisfaction at work. Now in his new job, he keeps telling her he's "gonna run the company some day." And her face brightened when she relayed this to me.

4.  He's confident in his abilities - he never doubts himself in anything. Even if he doesn't know what he's doing, he gives her reassurance that things will be ok. He knows he makes mistakes but doesn't get dragged down thinking about it.

5.  He lets her know he loves her by actions, not gifts or words. In fact, he never buys her flowers. And he's never jealous... or doesn't show it.

6.  He's constantly challenging her perception of him. As soon as she thinks she's got him down pat, he goes off and shows something else about himself.

While this is just one example, he shows character traits that a lot of guys should have. And most interesting of all, they were told to me by a young woman.