How Social Proof Completely Changed My Life With Women

by FMLizard

I came to SoSuave in early October as a broken man.

My crisis with women had reached a head, a point at which I would literally fall down in terror, in disappointment, in failure. I cried, I laughed, then I researched and studied, determined to help myself.

My transition from emotional wreck to logical thinker gave me the upper hand on women, who are inherently less logical and more emotionally fragile. Time passed, and I developed a strategy, an adaptation of things I learned here at SoSuave.

While these details are just elements of a general plan of self-improvement, I hope my story can be as inspirational to you all as you were to me in my time of need.

My strategy with this new girl I am seeing was actually quite simple. I artificially made myself into a desired man.

I had a weeklong period in early November in which I made a concerted effort to meet women. In each interaction, I made a point of mentioning that I had other dates going on that weekend. Was it true? Naw. But you should have seen the effect it had.

From that critical moment on, each conversation went notably better than it had when I carried no social proof. I ended up with a record 4 numbers that weekend, and it created a snowball effect.

Now, here I was with more #s and prospects than I had time for. I had to blow off a nice 7 because there just wasn't time to get a hold of her. This will do wonders for your ego, and this shines through.

I played the "other dates card" on my #1 target numerous times, to the point where I told her all about my evenings I was going on, one real and one fictitious.

This strategy played on two fundamental attributes of women:

  1. Women, on their most basic level, derive their ego and sense of self-worth through the social standing and worth of the man in their life. This is otherwise known to us Don Juans as social proof.
  2. Women are inherently jealous people. All of these women wanted what the other few women, fictitious or real, were perceived to have had.

Is a diamond really any better than a piece of glass? Not really, but when you consider that so many people desire diamonds and no one wants a broken shard of glass, there becomes a great demand.

So what happened with this situation?

Well, I have been dating the thin 6' blonde hair blue eyes #1 prospect for about a month now, and two of the three other girls who I got numbers from went and found my numbers in campus directories, and called to ask me out. Not only that, but the girl I had been after the entire semester asked me out a couple days ago.

It felt awful good to say no, let me tell you. Am I cured of being a wimpy loser? Only time will tell. I just want you all to know that SoSuave can give us all hope.