An Easy Way to Set Yourself Apart From Other Guys

by James Smith

I was recently reading a book that said that over 80% of all woman are not happy with their relationships, and with men in general. I figured that of the 20% that say they are happy, about half are in denial, making the number about 90%.

After reading this I began just casually telling women that over 80% of all women are not happy and would like more from men. I also added that most men do not know how to treat a woman properly and how to appreciate a woman.

When women hear me say these things their faces light up and reveal a great smile. All of a sudden they open up and become warm and friendly.

Some women ask, "You mean you know how to treat a woman properly and appreciate her to the fullest?" And others expressed the same thing but nonverbally with a smile.

It is almost as if your statement that you know that most women are not happy with men implies that you are sympathetic to the plight of women, understand them, and are willing and able to give them what they want in such a way that is different from most men.

The statement seems to separate you from most men out there that do not know how to treat a woman.

The results have been spectacular as for the first time ever I have been able to overcome the "I have a boyfriend" objection.

Most women admit that their current boyfriend does not treat them the way they want and need to be treated, and that the relationship is basically over... implying that they are open to giving you the time and opportunity.