Meeting Women in Bars

by Allen Thompson

"Can I buy you a drink?" is a terrible line to use when trying to meet women in bars.

For one thing, it's what every other guy says. You've just conveyed to this lady that you'd like to impress (in about 2 seconds) that you're no one special.

Second, it's a line, and lines are rarely well received by women in bars. (If she's in a good mood, and your line is FUNNY it might possibly work okay.)

And third, it's likely to lead to a very disappointing evening as many women will "use" you to finance their night out on the town. Then, as the evening begins to wind down, they may stick you with a fake phone number when they have to leave "with their friends" (of which you, buddy, ain't one).

Not all women who go to bars are like that. But there are enough that you don't want to set yourself up for it with such a stupid opening.

So how do you meet women in bars? A smiling "Hi" followed by a compliment followed by a question often works wonders... if you know who to approach, and if you have the proper ATTITUDE.

Allen Thompson
Copyright © 1999