Why Cats Attract Women and You Don't

by BGMan

As most of us know by now, women tend to have a sort of weakness for cats. Indeed, it has become stereotypical. On the contrary, dogs seem more popular among men. Why is this?

It would seem that cats exhibit many characteristics that endear them to women. In fact, one way of thinking about how to be a good DJ is just to simply observe normal feline behavior. Cats can thus be valuable teachers!

How so?

1) Cats don't take crap.

If his owner maltreats him, oftentimes he'll leave her and become a stray. He knows that there are other people who can treat him better! Likewise, if the woman punishes him for doing certain things. He ain't gonna let that woman boss HIM around!

2) Cats are independent.

You hear about cats' independence. Indeed, it's probably their best known trait. Yet, it's immensely endearing to women. "I love cats, they're so independent!"

This can teach us something too. It's immensely hard to train a cat, although it can be done. He'll give his owner affection occasionally by lying in her lap and purring, but he won't do it when ordered. He'll eat his dinner when he feels like it. She can't tell her cat to come or go; the best she can do to make him go is pick him up and deposit him elsewhere.

3) Cats don't ask for affection.

They are grateful for the affection they get, but they don't beg for it. If she wants to give it to him, cool. If she doesn't, then that's cool too.

I hope I've made my point. Why else is it considered an honor to be called a "cool cat"?

If men would remember to act like a cat, and not like some dogs (ohh... you didn't pet me... *whine*) then you should see improvement in how women treat you.

Now get out there, Cool Cats, and show 'em what you're made of!