The Tao of Steve

by Glorfindel

A couple of weeks ago I watched a movie called "The Tao of Steve." The movie is about this fat, philosophizing, slacker who is really good with girls. And the reason why he is so good with girls is because he really understands how they work.

Anyway here is his three-step solution to getting women in the sack.

1. Eliminating your desires
2. Be excellent in her presence
3. We pursue that which retreats from us

What this all means is this:

1) Eliminating your desires.

Women can tell when all a man wants to do is have sex with her. They smell it faster than sh*t on a shoe. But if you can spend some time with her without even thinking of having sex with her then she will wonder about you. Why is this guy not attracted to me? And she will get interested.

2) Be excellent in her presence.

Pretty straightforward really. In order for her to think you are a man she wants to be with, you have to impress her. Now I don't mean you should try doing stupid, macho stunts just to impress her with how tough you are. I mean you should find something you are really good at and let her see you do this.

3) We pursue that which retreats from us.

Women get bored very easily. So if you are like her little puppy dog, then she will get bored with you and move on.

And also remember both men and women want to have sex, we just work on different timetables. They want it like 15 minutes after we do, so if you can hold out for twenty, she will be chasing you for five.

Well this really works if you apply all three steps.

Good luck.